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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Babylon Berlin

Has anybody else had problems when watching Babylon Berlin. We watch using a black box Now TV player. Certain episodes in s2 don’t finish. About 10 mins before the end they just hang and buffer. It is possible however for us to watch them on an iPhon...

Apple NowTV app isn’t working

I’ve recently signed up for a free trial and I can only watch on the web on my laptop but can’t watch on the mobile app bcse it says I need to pay for a pass. Which i’ve done that via the free trial and well, if it’s good, I shall continue the subscr...

missing Emilia romagna qualifying

Hi im missing the qualifying i paid to watch it why cant i see it. tried to click on it last night but it kept on telling me to buy the entertainment membership, bbut i paid to watch it on my membership , can you sort it since i want to watch it in f...


Have just moved from SKY to NOW and going through a learning curve!! Does anyone know if CNBC is available on NOW TV.  I have the Entertainment pack etc... and the CNBC website suggests it is on Peacock... which I've accessed, but I cannot find CNBC....