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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Teen Mon OG Season 9 Ep16 onwards

Just wondering if there was any dates for when the second half of Season 9 will be available to watch on Now TV? I think it's already been aired in the UK and been on Now tv once but removed. But I didn't get a chance to catch up on it  

Sioned by Advocate
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Resolved! Missing a series

I was watching season 4 of Abagail Raisin yesterday and now it's only showing seasons 1-3Can anyone help please? Finally it had got back on track too!!!! I was half-way thru the last episode and want to know how it ends!!

Now - NBC New Now

Why are you now giving us a US news channel. I don't live in the US, I have no interest in their domestic news. Additional channels are always welcome but this just seems like a lazy channel replacement for what was a world class TV channel. If it ne...

DaveSh by Advocate
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Resolved! SWAt Season 5

Hi there, I have reached Season 5 episode 5 but perturbed to see that episode 6 moving forward is not available. It is literally the only reason I resubscribed to NOW tv and depending on that I would stay. Could you tell me when the next episodes are...

Resolved! Sports One Day Pass.

I want to watch F1 qualifying starting at 3 pm on Saturday, then watch the race starting at 12 pm on Sunday. Will a one day pass give me 24 hours spread over two days enabling me to watch both? In theory this should be possible?