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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Now deal

I believe I selected the movie deal and not entertainment. Not interested in the later so could you switch me to movies please or I will have to cancel.

Alone Season 9 - Labrador

Hi @Izzie-T  When you get a minute can you check if you have a start date for Alone Season 9 - Labrador. It's normally on Sky History.  The first episode was aired in the US this week and previous seasons have aired the same day in the UK. Thank you!

Sport on demand

Hellojust wondering if anyone knows how long it takes after a love sports event for it to be shown on demand? For example, just missed F1 qualifying, how long do I have to wait before I can watch it?any info will be greatly appreciated cheers 

Pre-episode advert/trailer

Just noticed this today (never seen it before in 8 months of viewing) - after selecting an episode of something in the watchlist, a 15 second pre-episode NOW TV advert/trailer for some other TV show played first then it began playing the selected epi...

Only the First 5 episodes

Why are only the first five episodes of The Staircase available to watch? What an absolutely bizarre business model, only showing the first five espidoes of an eight episode series. It's a con, especially when they're advertising it on their front pa...