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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Resolved! Sports One Day Pass.

I want to watch F1 qualifying starting at 3 pm on Saturday, then watch the race starting at 12 pm on Sunday. Will a one day pass give me 24 hours spread over two days enabling me to watch both? In theory this should be possible?

Bits of episodes not being shown

I'm trying to watch through Grimm, and every episode has scenes missing, it will start to show it but then skip past it. It's mostly during violent(ish) scenes but has happened during normal parts too. Is this even fixable or just standard for now TV...


I watch 2 episodes of Julia last night. Tonight no sign of this series anywhere. I have searched repeatedly, but it seems it us no longer on my Now TV.???

About NOW TV Content

Hi yeah, I've got a question. Why is the content on NOW TV utter s*** Seriously. Has anybody looked at the TV guide recently. Now it may just be nostalgia talking but I grew up in the 90's when channels such as Cartoon Network and Boomerang had oh wh...