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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Premier League Years 1993-1994

Hi, Currently season 93-94 is the only one missing from the Premier League Years on demand. Will that be addressed and sorted? It kinda spoils it when you want to watch the content chronologically, enough to stop me from even starting the series.

App not playing itv and bbc

2 things  1. apps not finding shows the odd night how to fix there and then? Eg. Bbc Iplayer and itv hub not working but Netflix does?  2. When playing catch up on eg. itv player. I will be playing a show but if I was to re-wind it it would just try ...

Gameg by Advocate
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Resolved! F1

Is F1 Qatar the actual full race not on demand yet? I can only find the pre race talk and post race highlights

DanDH by Advocate
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Live TV audio for boost members

Hi  Could you please confirm what audio boost subscribers are meant to be getting on live TV channels? I have tried the sports and entertainment channels but they all seem to be playing stereo sound even though I have a boost membership.  My assumpti...

F1 Replay

Hi Community, Just wondering when the Qatar F1 is going to be uploaded? It is normally done after an hour or so but we are a day on and nothing? Would be great to have some consistency!

Brazilian GP

Any update on when the full Brazilian GP will be uploaded? It's been more than 24 hours since the race, and all the other programmes (highlights, grand prix Sunday, Ted's notebook etc) have been uploaded. I understand sky's legal obligation to leave ...