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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Resolved! Continue Watching list cleared

I have had a quick look on other posts and can only seem to see this problem from others over the last few years, not solutions so I am hoping I missed something.  I haven't been on now tv for a few weeks and have just gone to my continue watching li...


Why is the new episode of real housewives of salt lake city still not available on hayu? This was meant to be uploaded two days ago

RHOSC by Advocate
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Resolved! Game of thrones

I keep getting conflicting answers on this question, depending on where you search.Does anyone know when the last date GoT will be available.Even on this forum it says 2025 but on an official Now page I've seen it says April of this year.Has anyone g...

Clyd by Scholar 2
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Resolved! The Hot Zone S2 Episode 6 missing

Why would you only have 5 out of 6 episodes available?I started watching last night and didn't realise the last episode had already been removed. That's ridiculous!! Why would you do that?! Take the whole season off not just the last episode.

TeresaW by Advocate
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Subtitles are wrong!!

Hello,  I am watching NOW TV from my laptop (hp) and every time I put subtitles are wrong or very slow or they don't appear at all. Why is that? Is there any way I can fix it. I need subtitles for watching TV...I hope you can help me.