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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Watchlist capped at 10 programmes?

"Your watchlist is full. Remove some of the TV shows or movies and try again" Just tried to add "THE STAIRCASE" to my watchlist, but system refuses, says I need to delete some already there. Is this a new restriction, as only have 10 shows listed?

Geluk by Expert 2
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Eternal unskippable ads

Every time I want to watch a movie, unskippable ads. Every time. For months. Years at this point. And what are these unskippable ads for? NowTV. Advertisements for the streaming service that I'm subscribed to. I know streaming services have turned in...

WarrenB by Mentor
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When will higher pitch be fixed?

I bought a new monthly pass to watch Game of Thrones again before the new season. The service provided is already poor because its only 720p, but as this is the only streaming service to offer GoT for a monthly fee I put up with it. But now in episod...

Downton abbey faster?

Hi,We have noticed that the film Downton Abbey is faster than it should so it results on all voices pitch higher (it's funny to hear some actors!).The runtime on nowtv is 1h57min but it should be 2h3m?Thanks! 

Babylon Berlin

Has anybody else had problems when watching Babylon Berlin. We watch using a black box Now TV player. Certain episodes in s2 don’t finish. About 10 mins before the end they just hang and buffer. It is possible however for us to watch them on an iPhon...