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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Last Week Tonight S9E22 censored

The latest edition of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (S9E22) has been censored by Sky to remove jokes about the response to the Queen's death.Will the original uncut version be made available? Possibly with a content warning so people can decide ...

DarylM by Legend 5
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Resolved! Hayu shows not showing new episodes

I am trying to watch the newest episodes of The Bachelorette and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but neither of these shows are appearing on my NowTV. The shows aired on Monday and Thursday in the US and normally update the next day (sometimes TB is...

Resolved! Pakistan vs England Cricket

Hi can someone help me figure this out please, I cannot find the highlights of t20 matches 2022 eng tour of pak. Or repeat of them. why? A bit ridiculous you pay for membership for one thing and you dont have access to it. thank you  

New Quantum Leap

Hi all,I'm desperately hoping that someone here can help. Is there any way to watch the new Quantum Leap series via Peacock? It shows starting from next week in the US on NBC and Peacock and I can't find any reference to it showing in the UK.  Don't ...

Subtitles on by default

New to NOW and have set up on Firestick with LG TV and native app on Samsung TV. All good apart from watching live channels yellow subtitles are on by default. I've checked firestick and TV subtitle / caption settings and everything is off. I worked ...

Resolved! All F2 & F3 races missing

Hi @ContentTeam, I have been trying to catch up on the Italian F2 & F3 races from last weekend over the last few days. A few days ago all four races were available in full but now they've disappeared. Can you fix this please and explain why they are ...