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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


We Bare Bears incorrect order

I feel like Now/Sky should know better than to release stuff in the wrong order, but apparently this is a problem in AD 2023 despite *wafts hands at any media database worth its salt*.I started to binge We Bare Bears and several episodes in, I find I...

Top chef - missing content

I'm trying to watch top chef on hayu and it won't let me watch season 2 past episode 4 or any of season 3! I then started season 4 and after the first episode it said content unavailable when I tried to watch episode 2! What's going on? I only bought...

Tedanji by Advocate
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The US OPEN FINAL and the direct court stream with no advertising goes down. This is the final straw in what has been the most disappointing service of any sport, yet being the most expensive! We were told 'we are working on issues'. Well it's been t...

GP by Mentor
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US Open - worst coverage

To top off the utterly bad coverage of the US Open where you are at the mercy of Now to watch the two matches they choose to put on, sometimes you can only hear the sound with no images whatsoever!This is the worst ever Sports subscription for tennis...

Jenny31 by Advocate
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