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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


TV Show Request/Dream Team

Hey I’d appreciate it so much if you guys could try and bring Dream Team to NowTV. It’s one of the biggest tv shows of my generation and has a massive fan base even to this day, it’s also very unique, there hasn’t been a tv show based on a football t...

Resolved! Recently added movies

How do I find what new movies have been added recently, the Recently added tab on my nowtv box and android app doesnt have date  order sorting so the only way I can see at the moment is to remember what was on the page the last time I looked and try ...

Is Greys Anatomy coming back?

Is this show returning because its been ages since being on NowTV and I am really starting to lose hope! I watch this series like twice a year and is singularly one of the biggest reasons I keep a subscription!   I need my GA binge or I get aggy. Sen...