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Content Issues / Missing Episodes



I am absolutely sick of this website. I recently moved house, plugged my Now box in and all the terrestrial and FREEVIEW channels have gone. Looked all over for a plain old phone number to ring someone to no avail. An appointment with the Queen would...

F1 Term Pass

Hello! I was wondering with the F1 pass, will I be able to watch programmes after they've aired? As some of the show times are early hours, so before I buy it I want to make sure I can watch anytime.  As I wont be able to watch the 3am Races/Practice...

Resolved! The walking

HiI was watching the walking dead series and I got to season 9 episode 12 now they’ve all gone just after I renewed my pass to continue watching them. I it be coming back anytime soon. Thanks. 

Resolved! Sky Sports F1 Pass

Hi Everyone, Just a couple of questions I wonder if anyone knows; I hope they make sense. 1. Can we watch the Sky Sports F1 channel anytime? Like not just live races but any programme on that channel; Like if there is a Programme on Tuesday at 8pm. W...