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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Why so gredd

Why NOW tv has to run an Ads channel with some football in it, i am not paying to watch ads, this is going out of control, too much greed and too little for the consumers, what a shame 

Missing bare bears series

Yesterday I signed up for now so my daughter could watch bare bears. She started watching series one.  We have logged into now today to find series one, all but one episode of series two, and the first 7 episodes of series 3 are missing? Any ideas? S...

Saalle by Advocate
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Hawaii-Five-O playing speed

Started watching this from S1.  Something doesn't "feel" right when watching it.  The actors all walk/run just a bit too fast and things like trees blowing in the wind seem to move a bit wrong.  It's like when someone puts a video on the web of a fas...