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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Lacking consent in channels?

Hi All,  Used to be a active subscriber to nowtv entertainment, been given a free trial to have a look what's about in here. But is it me but the main TV channels ie Atlantic, Fox. All lacking content? I wanted to have a bit of a catch up on walking ...

Resolved! NowTV code16

I am trying to watch movies on my iPad using my cinema pass. Everything was working fine (I’ve used the same iPad to stream on nowTV over the past couple of years) but today all of a sudden, nothing will stream - I tried lots of different movies. I a...

Resolved! New channels not working

Most of the channels on Sky History  Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature are not working. We can watch some content but most of it is telling me my pass has expired and I need to purchase a new one. I am confused as I have paid fully for Movies and Ente...