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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Sports pass

Hi all,  Basically this is a message to warn you if you email now tv help regarding your sports season pass.  I did, I wondered if I would be charged 33.99 for the next month. And they said I would be unless I cancelled it.  I asked if I cancelled it...

Mars, Genius & The Hot Zone

Season 1 and Season 2 of Mars on National Geographic are currently in separate folders on NOW TV Season 1: Season 2:

Casting to my tv

I can no longer cast to my TV. I have been casting for 4 months fine and I can’t anymore it connect and shows nowtv on the screen but won’t cast just get the load screen and then back to ready to stream. It plays fine on my phone and other channels s...

Keeps interrupting viewing

I watch using a smart TV. No problems there, but I can watch the same channel for a few hours at a time, or skip around channels. I keep getting chucked out of what I'm watching on a more frequent basis regardless of whether or not I am changing chan...