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Content Issues / Missing Episodes



Just got a free trial and I see the subtitles issue still hasn't been addressed. NOWTV is so lame, I will never pay them a penny until they sort out these issues.

Audio Description Failure

In this day and age of inclusion / human rights / accessibility, one would have thought NowTV would supply audio description functionality.  Many, if not most, of the content supplied by NowTV has audio description when viewed on TV, on physical medi...

Cant see a program

HiMy wife wanted to watch a Celebrity Chase program (ITV HUB) . Although the ads before and during are OK, the actual program does not display. We can hear the correct sound, but there is just lines across the screen and a distorted Warner Brothers L...

Itv hub resume not working

Hi, everytime I catch up on anything on itv hub not only does it not remember my watching history but it also doesn't resume my watching. It says resume but as soon as I watch the adverts it skips right back to the start and continues to run through ...

Connectivity issues

NowTv has since Friday 25th September kept throwing me out of the player after 40 minutes. If I'm on a computer, it also asks me to log in again. Previously, it would do this after 3-4 hours of watching. Is this a permanent change or a glitch please?...