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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Blurred picture

I am getting blurred picture when watching football, this is intermittent and does not happen when streaming from Netflix or Amazon so it can’t be my broadband which is BT fibre so well able to cope.

Where is Romeo & Juliet on TV app?

I am trying to watch National Theatre’s Romeo & Juliet on my smart TV, but when I search for it in NOW it says “no results were found”. However, it is definitely on NOW because I can find it on the phone app. It is really annoying because I would jus...


Hi, why is Season 5 missing from the ‘Younger’ series?Pointless to go on to 6. Is Season 7 not out now as well?I have to just stop in the middle?First time I’ve signed up to NOW last week and this is crap if I’m honest.Regards.