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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


F1 on demand

Hi,I’m just wondering how long after the race has been on live tv does it take for it to be available on demand? I work Sundays but finish at 6, and this evening neither qualifying or the race is available on demand for Azerbaijan Grand Prix. It just...

Dinnerladies Censoring in Episodes

Hi team, My partner noticed that there are lines edited or removed from the sitcom Dinnerladies that had previously been shown in full. The most obvious one we've noticed is in the episode Royals where the phraseSpoilerarseholes on toastarseholes on ...

Last Week Tonight S8 E14 Missing

Hi! The most recent episode of Last Week Tonight doesn't seem to have been made available to me but the thumbnail for last week's episode looks like it's been changed to have a picture from this week's episode?! (I started it to check and it's defini...

BT Sport App

Having issues with the BT Sport app on Now TV. The live stream just shows a purple and green screen. Is this a known issue? Everything else works fine even the pre recorded content on BT.