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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Fox not streaming

If I start streaming any live TV on FOX, I get about 10 seconds of video,but it then freezes (although the audio continues). No problem with on demand or other channels. Any one else having and problems with it?


Anger is not adequate to describe my thoughts on pre-show adverts. I know that many people have previously padded them as tolerable given that they are content adverts & not generic. I take this point but feel that I pay for the privilege of not watc...


Been watching Trollied, currently on series 7 and it seems that there are episodes missing from several seasons. Suddenly characters are gone with no explanation but when I google it says there are exit storylines. Somebody help pleaseeee

finding out when a show expires

Hi,I hope someone can help please.It's not at all plain to see when a show will expire / be taken down / cease streaming.We have newly resubscribed to NOW TV - I have logged in online and added a lot of entertainment shows to my 'watchlist', but nowh...

The Daily Show

Where is the rest of The Daily Show? The most recent episode to stream is dated the 18th Nov, but Comedy Central are showing all the up to date episodes, the latest of which was the 10th Dec. It’s not such a Daily Show when you’re not streaming on de...

Missing episodes

This is rediculous trying to find a human being to talk to. The amazing world of gumball has tons of episodes missing in each season. I don't want to pay for now TV if Im not getting the episodes to the series I soley got this for.