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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Missing entire seasons of Regular Show

My daughter and I wanted to rewatch some favourite episodes of Regular Show today and seasons 1-4 are now missing. What's going on? Is this a technical problem or have you not renewed the content licence.  One of the only reasons we keep our sub is f...

AC0131 by Newbie
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Resolved! Tennis Coverage

Bring back Prime ! Trying to watch the Norrie quarter final match at Rio. There is only one programme available lasting 6hrs, having to watch matches in other tournaments first, haven’t got there yet after 1.5 hrs. At least with Prime it was so simpl...

No picture

I have no picture on the F1 testing from Bahrain - the issue started on Wednesday afternoon and has continued today. It initially came on, but then went black. The sound remains. Any ideas how to fix this?