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Re: Zack Snyder's Justice league runtime wrong


@Saint1976 wrote:



"UK being locked to 25fps is a thing of the past."


Generally it's only films that are recorded at 24fps. TV and live broadcasts are 25fps across half the world so not really a thing of the past when 90% of the content the average person sees is 25fps.


"All modern UK TVs support playback at 24fps."


Not true unfortunately. Some do, some do with enhanced software, some do but badly causing judder and some simply don't.


It doesn't matter that Netflix content is 24fps, it's the device you watch Netflix on that determines what you see. Unless your TV is 120hz, or using a device that matches native frame rates, then it's doing 3:2 pull down and you aren't watching the originally intended recording.


Until every recording of film and TV in every country, every live broadcast and every playback device is the same, there will always be a need for conversion, either at source, broadcast or playback.

I have to concur with @Saint1976 here 


Not all UK TVs support output at different refresh rates. However, virtually all UK TV sets released within the past 8 almost certainly will. A good number of UK sets have for a long time also supported 24 Hz due to the fact that films are produced using 24 Hz refresh rate. To be fair, someone would have to be using quite an old TV these days to run into issues relating to refresh rate.


However, the refresh rate standard for UK television broadcasts is 50 Hz. This is the primary reason why 'now' content is 50 Hz. What I've seen in my experience most UK sets will output at 60 by default and switch to 50 Hz as needed. This is why often when you switch TV channel you will hear the audio output from the channel before the picture appears. This is because your TV is ensuring the refresh rate is correct in switching where appropriate.


On UK TV specifications. It is usually 50 Hz that is quoted because if it is not stated that 50 Hz is supported in the specifications, then the set cannot be sold in the UK.


Don't even get me started on the issues we used to have with now and Roku/Roku-based hardware due to the fact that 'now' content is 50 Hz and the hardware used to be fixed to 60 Hz output. Me just reminding people of that on here is going to give some very long time Users nightmares. 


Most Roku and Roku-based hardware these days has an auto adjust refresh rate function that if enabled will adjust the refresh rate of the playback device to appropriately match the content being played. However this function isn't present on some of the cheaper roku's which I find to be a dirty trick on Roku's part. Although all now TV hardware since the first generation 'smart box with freeview' has been able to do it


I believe 24 Hz became a thing during the days of DVD in the late 90s. This means that most UK sets should have been supporting 24 Hz long before they supported 60 Hz


You shouldn't experience motion judder If the refresh rate of the content you're watching divides equally into the refresh rate of the output device you're using. The this reason, what you'll usually find is that most UK sets was switch between 60 Hz, 50 Hz, or 24 Hz as appropriate . Although the some devices certainly modern games consoles, you would typically have to enable the appropriate video options to allow output at different refresh rates. For example on the previous and current Generation X boxes the relevant video options has to be enabled to allow output at 50 Hz and 24 Hz 


Hope this gives a bit more detail/context😀

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