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Will and Grace episode problem

There a problem with an episode of Will and Grace. It’s season 4 episode 18. The audio is fine but the picture is zoomed in so you can’t see the cast properly if at all. When you can it’s zoomed in on them so you can’t enjoy it. I can’t really watch episode so looks likes I got to miss this episode out. Can someone please try and fix it so I can watch it.

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Having the exact same problem! 


I'm having the same issue. Came onto the forums to see if anyone else was lol


There's also one or two episodes where there is an odd blip and a couple of seconds seem to be missing. I've experienced it on episodes of other series too (Modern Family once and Parks and Recreation a few times) Does anyone else ever have this issue?

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If you experience any issue on viewing, please provide these info, so we can check it out for you:


- Content/Program name

- Season & ep

- description of the issue: timing of content of issue, etc

- type of device use


Thank you.

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Thank you for letting us know. 


This has been passed to our tech team looking into now.