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Why do programmes expire

Why do programmes on now tv expire ?

Only 2 weeks into using this and not impressed that I’m paying for a service and then the programmes disappear.
This needs to be reviewed. This issue from my research dates back years. This issue should be resolved. You don’t see Netflix putting expiry time on programmes.
Would appreciate a response from Now tv in the matter.
Thank you
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@Anonymous User it's due to agreements with the studios.
Please take a moment to click thanks or marked as solution if this answered your question. I am a community contributor and pop on when I can.
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All streaming services remove content, as Netflix now produce a lot of their own content they obviously get to keep them, now tv is based on offering live content and catch up.  If you’re mainly looking for box sets then amazon and Netflix are probably a better option but like I said they also add and remove content every month.

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... You're an idiot 


@Anonymous User 


Thats not nice, and we don’t do that in this Community Smiley Sad



Please do not say ‘you’ in your posting and imagine you are talking to any employees of Now. Generally, we are all customers like yourself, who can’t help with billing or other queries that only Now can answer 😞

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Hi Roy


You're response to M's reply is spot on but, you have to agree, some questions posed in this forum, to say the least, can be quite trying.  After all, we both recently poked fun at an equally daft question.


However, I must admit, M's reply was "on the line".



UK Bob

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@ukbobboy  @Anonymous User  @RoyB 


Spot on Roy. We seem to attract a lot of people who post a handful of times, usually bashing the service or just being plain nasty, as in this case, to a fellow poster, something which happened to me just this past week. I often wonder if it's the same person, or a small number of people, who just keep on rejoining under new names &/or email addresses with the sole purpose of abusing the good people on here who are themselves always very helpful and courteous to each other.

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There are two types of streaming on Now TV, catchup and BOX Sets. Catchup tends to expire after a few weeks but have the date the programme leaves shown on the selection screen. Box sets come and go in the same way as they do with other providers, some are there for months others for years.


This site has some very useful data


and is updated frequently.

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@nowswaish is my go to site for the latest box set additions on the service. It's useful having the expiry dates posted up there, especially as some of the sets only appear for short periods of time.


@Anonymous User does a stand up job on his pages, there's also one for movies

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2 years on and yeah this is a complete joke.