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Why do no Sky or Fox programs have series & episode numbers in EPG on BT box?

Selecting Sky or Fox programs via the NowTV app on the But Youview box show the series and episode numbers 


but - when selecting the same programs via the Guide then pressing Info I have not found any Sky or Fox programs that show Series and Episode numbers, this is not a good user experience.


Some programs, including Walking Dead don’t even have a synopsis for the specific episode, and just shows a generic description of the program.


Not a great user experience.

it is clear Sky / Fox are sending the relevant data to NOwTV.


I’m guessing that this is not a technical issue and simply needs someone at NowTV to set up the relevant data to be pushed to BT TV


Will someone fix this?

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You will need to redirect this question with BT themselves. All things NOW on BT boxes should be sent to BT for questioning.


This link also indicates that "problems" with the BT box should be handled by BT


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help