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When will higher pitch be fixed?

I bought a new monthly pass to watch Game of Thrones again before the new season. The service provided is already poor because its only 720p, but as this is the only streaming service to offer GoT for a monthly fee I put up with it. But now in episode 2 I've noticed the voices are a little off, just like Walking dead was. So i compared a scene from YouTube to the NowTV scene and as I expected, NowTV runs it slightly higher pitched. How can a service be such poor quality when competing with services like Netflix and amazon prime? Who not only stream all the way up to 4k compared to 720p, but whos films have accurate playback. I have read other threads of others complaining about the higher pitch and staff simply say it doesn't exist. If you still believe that then your staff are not suited to be in charge of technical aspects of video if average customers notice it. 


Some may say its only a slight difference who cares? People who actually appreciate hearing it the way it was intended care, especially when its a series they love. Otherwise I guess all that work in sound in production and post production wasn't important? 


I have doubled checked on both my PC and PS4. 

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Same problem everyone sounds like they’ve been breathing helium, needs fixing please

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It’s the same for several other US owned shows the conversion between frame rates for the North American region (NTSC) and European (PAL) region (a difference of ~4% playback speed because of the differing frame rates) results in a higher pitch it’s a basic sound mixing change that their audio techs obviously can’t be bothered to do for the hundreds of episodes for every show they have in stock (an action to do this automatically on export could have easily been added, but again someone’s being lazy on the back end) parks and recreation is unwatchable; Amy Poehler already has a high pitched voice, now? A kids cartoon character.


Same with new Greys Anatomy season 18. Terrible. 

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Legend 5


What device are you using?

Is it Ethernet or Wi-Fi?

Do you have boost?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help