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Wheeler Dealers - Slow Catch-Up????

Anyone else who watches new episodes of Wheeler Dealers on Discovery noticed in the last couple of weeks that new episodes appearing on catch-up seem to be taking a long time to appear??


New season episodes started a few weeks ago, between 9pm-10pm on Monday evenings with the catch-up version tending to appear as usual not long after 10pm-ish...... I didn't tend to watch on Monday night but would pick them up during Tuesday, but I've noticed from last week and now this week that the catch-up episodes are not becoming available until 11pm on the Tuesday????  The episodes are still going out at 9pm on Mondays, but seem now to take 25hrs to appear on catch-up??  The same on both my Now TV Stick and the Now TV App on Youview Box.


In the grand scheme of things it's not the biggest of issues as they do still become available, just interesting that catch-up availability seems to have gone from almost immediate to more than 24hrs???


Stay safe.