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Watch list not displaying programmes

Hi there,

ive only been with Now TV for less than a month and already having problems. I have spent time adding items to my watchlist, only to go onto it and find only a very small selection of the shows i added. I've gone back and tried selecting shows one at a time, adding one to my watch list, coming off the menu and clicking back on the show only to see that its been removed from watchlist(within a matter of seconds).

Its driving me mad! Has anyone had this problem before or knows how to resolve it?

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@HL yes I'm having the same problem and there are a couple of other threads reporting the same.


I'm trying to add shows and get "oops, we can't at that to my TV at the moment" or shows that are current/mid season and have been in My TV for months now showing as "sorry this series is no longer available on NowTV". Oddly enough, they tend to be Discovery Channel shows.


@Simon-J can you confirm that there is an ongoing problem with the 'My TV' section or report to the technical team that there is one please?




I’ve got this too. It says “unable to fetch data”

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It's a bit odd if its mainly Discovery channel shows. Perhaps changes ahead due to Discovery+?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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@gavs82008 to be honest, the Discovery shows are a mess on NowTV - multiple folders for the same show, seasons missing, episodes missing (kept as 'Discovery exclusives) and more. I messaged Izzie about it and she said it's how Discovery supply it and want it.


I'm guessing that the worse they make it, the more people will move to their own service.


@HL @DEVONPRINCESS NowTV have confirmed via Twitter that they are aware of the problem regarding 'My TV' and are working on a fix.


I am also having the problem of war hlist only showng 13 programmes and favourites disappearing.

Happened with multiple channels


I am also having this issues, randomly started happening a few weeks ago - never had an issue previously. Getting sick of adding programmes for them to vanish moments later. I reported the issue again this morning. I hope it gets fixed soon as it's doing my nut in.


I have been with NowTV for years and I too have been having this problem since the  recent update (never happened before). As I am sure you can imagine, I have hundreds of things saved in my watchlist and the positions that I am at in the middle of films and series’s are all missing too!


this is causing me much stress and so if you manage to find a solution, I too would really like to have the answer please! 

I should point out that in my case, it is not the adding of new programmes or anything to do with the Discovery Channel, but the whole of my already existing watchlist that have gone!