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Walking Dead season 9

Hey guys. Just finished watching Season 8 and went to watch Season 9 and the first half is missing. Really annoyed as TWD and GOT was the only reason we got this. Anyone had any responses re why these episodes aren't available? Thanks. 

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Re: Walking Dead season 9



Unfortunately Now TV don't keep all Shows on their service permanently, the Rights for many Shows tend to come and go....... and The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are prime examples.


Seasons 1-8 and half of 9 for TWD left the service fairly recently.... and in the coming weeks the other half of season 9 is also likely to leave the service....... they will all return again in the future at some point.  The same for GoT, the older seasons are currently there to watch as we build up to the new season, but some time in the future these will all leave the service.  Again, these shows are not there all year round... the rights come and go every few months or so.


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