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Us open tennis replays

How many replays of full matches are people getting on Now tv? I can only see one full replay from yesterday? Muchova - cirstea. Absolutely disgusted with the service from now tv. Biggest waste of money in my life.


It is pathetic!

I've given up on replays! So many late or non existent.

Wake up this morning, want to watch the night matches.

Vondrosusova v Keys is listed as live.

Click into it. It's last year's match between Ruud and Alcaraz!!

Now / Sky, never had the plot of this US Open. Seems they have lost their minds.

How can they justify this waste of time for such a subscription?

So many errors, so late to show replays or not at all.


I totally agree with your comments.  I have had to miss key matches, which when I have paid £26 for the month is no good at all and it is UNFIT FOR PURPOSE


I'm also disappointed by the coverage, and feel I was mis-sold. I guess some live content is better than nothing ... but I had expected the advertised live coverage of all courts. Replays are a bit hit and miss. Right now I also click on some replay content appearing as live content on Sky Tennis and although it shows the correct title for the match, the content is actually Djokovich v Ruud from a previous year. It's cr&p and I hope Sky never get exclusive major tennis events like this again.


I was able to watch all courts but replays?  where are they?  Everyone is complaining about lack of replays.


I'm getting the occasional full length reply two days after the match is played.  

This is, of course, completely useless because the next round matches will have already been played by the time the replay is shown.


Yes agree with all above!

Very hit and miss, nearly always miss though!

Today they switched the order of matches, women's and men's, mens shown first - so not as they played them?! Why? That's not been done before today!

The commentators of the later men's match told us the result of the yet to be shown women's match!

Ruined the excitement of that one Now / Sky! 

Nice job (sarcasm ). Just another disappointment in the whole long line of them, from the start of this sorry incomplete coverage!

Spoilers are NOT appreciated when you avoid morning media to watch the matches as if live!

Come on Now / Sky - do better!


I'd like to add my name to the long list of people who are disgusted with the coverage of the US Open tennis.  The lack of replay for all of the matches apart from a few random selections which appear too late anyway is particularly frustrating.  All you're paying for is a few live day matches, which is not what I subscribed for.


We should all ask for a refund. If they refuse then mention section 75 and get a charge back


It seems that Now TV's idea of On Demand is a 4 or 5 or a generous (!!!) 6 minutes of most of the matches. Disgusting and bordering on fraud I should think.