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US Open bonus streams

No longer an issue


also couldn't agree more about the adverts on the main channels. what exactly am I paying the subscription for??


I've just cancelled after less than 3 frustrating days. This means that I will not be able to watch ANY wta matches from the end of this month. Prime Video was superb, a fraction of the price and I don't have to stay up to 5am just to watch a tennis match. Now they've sold us out completely...used to watch every wta match..soon not to watch any 😞 

As usual wall to wall football and F1. Not interested....


Same problem/frustration here. Just not good enough for the money and what we have grown to expect as sports customers in 2023. I sent a complaint and had this response: 

Thanks for getting in touch with NOW and letting us know that you are unable to watch US open tennis. We are aware that some members faced an issue accessing the bonus streams.

We would like to inform you that are working hard to fix this as soon as possible. We’re not sure exactly how long it will take, but we’ll send you an email to let you know when everything’s sorted. 

Meanwhile we appreciate your patience, and we’re sorry for any inconvenience. 

got exactly the same words back; that is no commitment to making the streams available on every device, just a commitment to fixing those with bugged out "supported" devices.

Please also let me know when I can stream bonus channels on my Windows laptop or Android phone using my NOW TV membership.


What's more bizarre is that I have Boost, I had multicourt on my Android App device for about 3 hours from the start of the US Open coverage yesterday, and it was suddenly switched off!

Nowhere to be found - deliberate?

I guess so.

I feel cheated. Mis-sold, ripped off for just 2 channels, and yes the adverts, the adverts, every sit-down. Mind numbing!

Fine way to run a business!


I had a discussion chat with Now Customer Service.

They acknowledged that I had access to multicourt and ad free on my mobile / Chromecast briefly, as they put it "it was a glitch, that was fixed"!

No way they are changing policy.

My guess is that they want to give you these features on something that is tied to a TV / hassle to make mobile.

I've since got a Roku Stream and both multi court and ad free work fine.

The coverage of night matches is still very poor though!

Onlub2 matches are made available from the entire night sessions.

These are shown on live feed (after the event) at around 6.30 or 7am and then the second one after that match.

It's bare bones coverage after the luxury of Amazon Prime / Europort multi matches on demand!

Come on Sky / Now, meet customer expectations, try then to exceed them perhaps?!


Still an issue for me on my app on iPad today I cannot even see the 2 channels with the British players 

disgraceful and terrible 

I will ask for full refund back