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US Open Unavailabilityof matches on catch up

Does anyone at NOW actually look at this board, can anyone tell me?  I’d appreciate a solid answer why we are not getting the US Open Tennis on catch up.  In the UK it is virtually impossible to watch matches during the night and we rely on catchup.  I went in today fairly confident of seeing Carlos Alcaraz, the No. 1 men’s seed, on catch up as he played last night.  the only match from last night that I can see is Venus Williams, of all people.  What are they thinking of?  They still have 2 matches to view from day 1.  surely it is not beyond the wit of NOW/Sky to update with last night’s matches?  If they want an example of good presentation, they should look at Prime.  I believe Sky are taking all tennis from next year.  If this is true, I despair if this is the sort of service they are expecting to offer.


Signed the petition.

Good points me by tennis people on here.

Sky are the Kleptocrats of Broadcasting!


Five days in and the only difference is that things are getting worse. Not a word from NOW/Sky, not so much as an acknowledgment that there is a problem and that we have, in good faith, signed up and paid for something that we are not getting. As I said earlier, that streams would be available on all devices was something I was led to believe and had no reason to doubt and now take the view that I have been thoroughly duped by misleading, in fact downright dishonest, marketing.

When this nightmare is over I will cancel and only come back if and when I can be certain that things are up to speed. In the meantime I can tell you that highlights appear to be more readily available on the official US Open app (free). And, despite me being extremely wary of them, I am also looking into using a VPN since by next year there will be no alternative to SKY.

Prime was simple, reliable and of high quality; S/N is almost beneath comment.



Day 5 night matches.

Wonder what we'll see some of?!

Djok match will no doubt trump the Fritz match.

Would have preferred to see the Fritz match!

Guess they'll only show the Gauff match.

Rybakina match will go begging.

Lack of multi court replay the morning after on the all important, block busting night matches, is unfathomable!


Hiya, I signed up to Now TV specifically so I could enjoy US Open coverage -  once  I’d got over the shock of it going back to Sky, of course. But what a waste of time and money - all I’m being offered are 6-7min highlights of the matches played overnight (in UK time). It’s outrageous and an absolute “first” in my experience. I doubt anyone is going to rectify this any time soon but the sooner Amazon can regain the contract the better! 


I believe Sky have the broadcasting rights for the next five years.  So Amazon regaining the contract won't be any time soon unless the ATP / WTA decide that Sky has failed to adequately fulfil the contract and seek to terminate it early. 


It is eurosport/Discovery+ who cover the Grand Slams, not amazon. Amazon video is for "day-to-day" tennis 🙂 I fell for the Sky NOW spiel too and am livid, missing so many matches. I have signed the petition mentioned elsewhere, fantastic initiative 🙂


I believe that Amazon used to have exclusive rights to, specifically, the US Open. 
I hope that the WTA, ATP and Grand Slam owners realise that by accepting Sky they may have got a lot of cash now but have harmed UK tennis fans. How will that play out long term?


Is is just me- or are there no choices of what match to watch live? God i crave for the days of Prime!


I'm waiting for Day 6 catch up!!


I for one have been absolutely disgusted by this.  I follow the tour all year and watch every slam, usually they're on Prime or Eurosport with every match on catchup.   Now Sky have the v exclusivity I've been excluded from watching the sport I love.   NO catchup and TWENTY SIX pounds for one month vs say 6.99 for Eurosport.  It's outrageous and absurd, and I strongly hope there is no repeat of this from the ATP or WTA.