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Top chef - missing content

I'm trying to watch top chef on hayu and it won't let me watch season 2 past episode 4 or any of season 3! I then started season 4 and after the first episode it said content unavailable when I tried to watch episode 2!


What's going on? I only bought a hayu monthly pass to watch top chef, if its not available or unwatchable because of gaps I need a refund

Legend 5
Legend 5


What device are you using? 

Have you done any troubleshooting like deleting and reinstalling the app, unplugging the router plus your router for a few minutes?

You can always take out Hayu directly instead of going through NOW. Alternatively you can take it via Amazon.

For ANY chance of a refund you must speak to staff. It won’t be on here as this is a customer to customer forum.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

@Tedanji I have the same issue (also only got it for Top Chef). It's inconsistent though, season 4 didn't work for me either but season 5 and the following seasons did. There are also some seasons that are failing on random episodes only. Annoying at times, for one of the seasons it was the pre-final/final episodes. I just reported it via chat and they said they'd get their technical team to fix it. But no timeframe etc. so I won't hold my breath.

They took ages to get back to me and they said they couldnt repeat the fault so havent helped!
In the meantime tho i found a solution. I usually watch through a now tv stick when i get the issue but if i watch through the now tv app on my firestick no issues and i can watch all episodes! I hope this works for you!