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Too many missing shows

Let me start off by saying it's a pretty bad sign for an online streaming platform when half the episodes are missing in a majority of series. It's even worse when a certain multi-series spanning show cuts out key parts as a result of this terrible scheduling.


So, on with the missing episodes shall we?

How about the entirety of DC's Legends of Tomorrow? I have access to two, count them, two episodes. Season 3, Episodes 4 and 14. The two aren't even numerically or chronologically adjacent, so how the heck does that even work!? Of course it stands to reason that one of those missing episodes includes episode 8, which is the finale to the Crisis series spanning all four different shows.


Honestly, it's getting a little tiring having to jump through hoops just to find the shows you want to watch on this platform. With half the seasons missing, weird 6-month breaks in the middle of a season, by which time the episodes in the first-half of that season are now no longer listed, it's become a real nightmare just to finish a series.


Sort it out guys. This isn't amateur hour - we're paying for a service and right now that service is dipping below even the most basic of standards.

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