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The wire

Why have you still not fixed the ongoing sound dropping issues with episodes of the wire? It's been going on for over a month on the forums and I'm still having the same issues today. It's not good enough. Not nearly good enough. In fact it's comically bad that a company your size, an agent for sky TV, can't sort out a major sound issue in a month?

Well done. Amazing customer service. I'll definitely be recommending your amazing services to everyone I meet in my life. All of them. Really

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Re: The wire

Nothing will be done until people start to cancel subscriptions if this issue is not fixed  I will cancel.

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Re: The wire

I agree - I contacted Now TV about 10 days ago and they said they would look into it, but still not fixed. Getting tired of how rubbish Now TV is. Thinks it is time to cancel and use another company (but not SKY, they own Now TV i think)


Come on Now TV get this issue with the wire fixed!!!

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