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The orville session 2 episode 11?

Every Friday i tune in to watch the orville on the nowtv app! But the lastest episode is not there?!?!?



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Re: The orville session 2 episode 11?

Hi @hungrymagpie 


I don't follow this TV show, but according to Imdb there is a broadcasting gap between Ep10 & Ep11.


Where Ep11 is not aired until 11th of April over in the USA, not sure if it's a similar date for us in the UK.


Perhaps an Orville fan who watches the show can confirm ?

Re: The orville session 2 episode 11?

This episode has been shown in the US on Thursday 21st March 2019.


Why it is not showing on the NOW TV list is unknown but if there is to be a gap where we have to wait for it to be shown here in the UK, I don’t know. I’m a fan of the show and was also disappointed to see it not showing the latest episode so we can watch.


Lets just hope NOW TV can get it sorted soon so we can all see how the penultimate episode of the season goes.


Re: The orville session 2 episode 11?

I'm waiting for it too. Curious what's happened. Perhaps we have to wait a week as of the delay  If I'm right it airs Thursday night in the states. Which is same as here  So with time delay we would air first. I'm guessing a week delay to bring things into order


Re: The orville session 2 episode 11?

@hungrymagpie @Ninjatiger @simonmpeck2019 @schnapps 


I'm a huge fan of The Orville and some of the storylines in this second season have been amazing....... from what I can see online there was a one-week break in the US between episodes 10 and 11 and the US showed episode 11 on 21st March, BUT, in the US they then take another three-week break between episodes 11 and 12.... with the US only getting to episode 12 on 11th April (all according to wikipedia).


Hence, to cancel out the effects of more than one broadcast break in the US, it looks like Fox UK are holding on to episodes and will start again with episode 11 from 11th April.


Again, nothing to do with Now TV, just Fox UK holding things back for a bit to cancel out all breaks in the US.


This second season looks to have 14 episodes in total, so can't wait until they start again on 11th April.

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Re: The orville session 2 episode 11?

@hungrymagpie  @Thom77  @Ninjatiger @simonmpeck2019 @schnapps 


When I went to watch it live in Thursday, Family Guy was airing in its place so it wasn't on.

Seth MacFarlane has stated on Twitter, it is on a brief hiatus over the pond so we have to wait. 😞




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Re: The orville session 2 episode 11?

Hi. I am in process of leaving Sky and starting nowtv.n Can you tell me how long each episode of The Orville remains available for viewing. Thanks.

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Re: The orville session 2 episode 11?



New episodes will be available on catch-up for 30 days.