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The Flash season 6 episodes 13-20 missing

The Home screen states that season 6 of The Flash episodes 2-20 are available until the end of July - Today is the 12th & episodes 13-20 are missing ???  

When will NOWTV sort this out ?

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The second half of season 5 of Supergirl are missing too.


The reply received from NOWTV "

Hi Samantha,


Thank you for contacting NOW TV.

Hope you are doing well:)

I appreciate your time that you have taken and write us email and let us know that the episode13-20 Season 6 of  The Flash is missing.

I have checked the website and see the episode 12-20 are not available at the moment sometimes we’re unable to broadcast a movie or show through our TV channels due to rights restrictions.

This means that occasionally a movie or show will be blocked on the channels.

I am sorry if you can't watch something you wanted to. If your show is blocked, there are still lots of great movies and TV shows available on NOW TV.

Also I have escalated this to our relevant team and will get this sorted as soon as possible."


So they have the right to show episodes 1-12 but not the rest ?????


The rest of season 6 is now missing. So frustrating. I finished work to catch up on season 6 episode 9 to find that it’s now gone. This throws out of sync the rest of the DC Universe cross over shows... when will it be back please?



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I just want to add to this, but went to carry on with The Flash Season 6 tonight watched Episode 8 at lunchtime, and the whole season 6 has gone. There were a lot of days left on these. Why do all these get taken off, how can you binge watch seasons with this. Sounds like a lot of users have to rush down series because of time limits.