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Re: Succession Season 2

Sky has lost box set rights for Season 2. It's on Amazon Prime and iTunes. 20 quid for the season

 I guess it might eventually be free somewhere.

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Re: Succession Season 2

@Anonymous User 


I might take slight issue with ‘lost’ which we generally reserve for when a content provider pulls all their content more or less without warning, like abc did last year.


Better perhaps to say ‘expired’, to reflect that first-run programmes have a planned availability timeslot, and that timeslot has run out.


Comes to exactly the same thing for the viewer, though 😥

Line 3. Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out…..
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Re: Succession Season 2

Thanks for your excellent detailed post.


I was about to end my current 2 month £10 gift card subscription because Succession S2 is still not available. Auto renewal was about to activate at £8.99/m so to keep me subscribed I was offerd and accepted a special bargain offer of a 3 month Entertainment Pass for only £1.60/m.


I am hoping, therefore, that Suc'  S2 will reappear in the next 3 months....definately worth the £4.80 to stick with Now TV. Before exiting the order page I completed the Feedback questions box and 'begged' Sky to repeat Suc' S2.


In the meantime I'll try  'The Outsider'  and  'From the Eath to the Moon.'


Just finished all episodes of the Sky Witness (NowTV's)  'The Good Doctor'....5 Stars, brilliant!.

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