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Subtitles should be there

So where are the subtitles? It’s great we get the “in the fullness of time” responses. But this is discrimination, and probably unlawful.


Sky has the subtitles data, almost everything on Sky shows them  (even live news has subtitles!). It’s just an ancient app.


I would encourage anyone who wants subtitles to contact NowTV in writing raising this. They have to take “reasonable steps” not to disadvantage people with disabilities. If PickTV on terrestrial can do it (Pick is owned by Sky), so can NowTV. 

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Re: Subtitles should be there

Quick follow up, Sky says


“We now provide subtitles on 90% of Sky Catch Up, 91 % of Sky Cinema and 81% of Sky Box Sets.”


so why aren’t they on NowTV?


“Making subtitles available for on-demand shows isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. A dedicated team has to manually edit, match and attach subtitles to the on-demand version our programmes, before uploading them to our viewing library.”


If that’s true, you need better engineers.


On iPlayer the live programme is subtitled for broadcast (in real time for news!) and then 10 mins later it’s subtitled on demand. No extra editing, matching and attaching.


Re: Subtitles should be there

I am a new subscriber and if I had known how poor Now TV is at providing subtitles, I would never have signed up. 

I will probably leave soon and make sure to tell everyone I know how bad this is.