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Subtitles on by default

New to NOW and have set up on Firestick with LG TV and native app on Samsung TV. All good apart from watching live channels yellow subtitles are on by default. 

I've checked firestick and TV subtitle / caption settings and everything is off. 

I worked out how to turn off manually but have to repeat this every time i watch a live channel, any channel. there also appears to be a glitch with the on off function of the subtitles pop up option on bother devices.

I've tried the NOW help chat twice, first one cut me off , second explained that all live channels have subtitles on by default.

I simply cant believe this to be true?

Any help would be appreciated before i cancel my sub.

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Legend 5


Haven't watched live TV in a long time so can’t be much help I’m afraid. Does this link give much?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help