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Subtitles are wrong!!



I am watching NOW TV from my laptop (hp) and every time I put subtitles are wrong or very slow or they don't appear at all. Why is that? Is there any way I can fix it. I need subtitles for watching TV...

I hope you can help me. 



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I am having the same issue and it is SO ANNOYING and I can't find a way to get in touch with NowTV to ask them about it. I'm also on laptop, so it's good to know it's not just me (or my device). No answer for you though I'm afraid

NOW Team Member
NOW Team Member

Hi All,


Subtitles issue that reported by you an others have been noted. NOW TV is doing an ongoing improvement planning and investigation, however it could not be immediate. 


Thank you for your message and comments.


*Please note that I am only able to look into on content related queries, any account, offer, etc related, please contact our customer team or live chat for help. Thank you.


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The Now TV response was that you were looking at it - Its now December - why is such a basic piece of functionality still abysmal.


Still not working. Sad for hearing impaired people.