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Streaming issues on Chromecast devices

We're trying to watch the F1 stream on our Chromecast Ultra and it keeps dropping bandwidth to being blocky, then improving again.  This is repeating every couple of minutes.  We have the same problem with our Chromecast TV 2020 device.  On the laptop it's perfect.

Is anyone else having this problem?  I'm an IT techy so I know to reboot everything, reconfigure everything, and I've tried on both Ethernet and WiFi.   The problem is a technical issue between the Chromecast devices and the NOW servers.

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Re: Streaming issues on Chromecast devices


Your best to report the issue with NOW directly to add your name to the long growing list of users having issues.


Just make sure to click “chat online”.

Alternatively you can send an email to customer support. Address is in the below picture.



Re: Streaming issues on Chromecast devices

Thanks, and apologies that I hadn't come across the other reports.  The search and forum structure on here is absolutely shocking.


I spent an hour on web chat and the guy denied there were any known technical issues, though he clearly didn't have a clue as he asked me to reinstall the NOW app on my Chromecast (sigh) and various other similar things.  I guess eventually he ran out of script and raised it with tech support.