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Sport membership but no access to Premier League



I just bought a Premier League membership tonight (the month one) purely so my son could watch the premier league and the Liverpool games specifically. When we signed on there was no game to be found and we couldnt access the live game and saw it nowhere. Not sure if this membership is of use for me at all now and wondering why it says it has access to Premier League games when my membership doesnt? Hoping I can get some advise as this membership was not cheap and especially if I can not use it. 

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@Tonia if you were looking to watch the games that were played tonight (Wednesday) then they were not available for broadcast.


The games were rearranged fixtures from covid cancellations and as they were never intended for broadcast, they can't be shown when rearranged.


To see what games are being broadcast live use the link below.


Obviously you don't be able to watch every Liverpool game as Sky will show a selection of teams according to the rights package they've bid on.