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Legend 5
Legend 5

Re: Snyder cut aspect ratio

@Mike_B_  @ukbobboy 

In my personal opinion, the best thing we could do with the Whedon version is to completely wipe it from existence.


Having watched the Synder cut last week, I thought it was outstanding and surpassed my expectations which were pretty high. Really hope this take of the film can help continue the Synder verse, anything DC and Whedon related going forward certainly won’t be watched by me. 


Re: Snyder cut aspect ratio

@Mike_B_   @gavs82008 



Hi Guys


First, Mike


When you said, "...Whedons version would have been good with that, and Snyders just as bad if it had to be cut down." Unfortunately, that's not strictly true, because of WB's internal politics Whedon went out of his way to destroy Snyder's vision of Justice League and stamp his nonsense on the film, which he thoroughly succeeded in doing.


So Whedon was not just brought in to finish Zack Snyder's film but to completely undermine it by trying to (fake) Marvellize it with misogyny, various "isms" and poorly thought out jokes (Whedon is no comedian).


Mind you, Whedon's cluster mess was not down to him alone, he was brought in and supported (aided and abetted) by other "no talent" WB execs, who are probably shaking in their boots right now as the World-Wide viewing figures for Zack (The Man's) Justice League start to come in and are poured over by AT&T, WB's new owners.


And Gavs


Yes, wiping JOSStice League from existence (and maybe the Multiverse as well) is the best thing that can happen to that mess. 


And, of course, I thoroughly agree with everything said in your post and and finally:-




UK Bob