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Sky Comedy watching live TV not on demand asks for pin before each program and sometimes interrupts

So last night I put on curb your enthusiasm on Sky Comedy that was being aired live not the on demand and fine before going to the channel it asked for the pin but it then started to ask for it again right towards the end of the episode showing interrupting what was being shown missing a joke.

After the episode it interrupted just before the next one began it asked again. I did not change the channel at any point inbetween watching and no other device is watching on the account at the same time.

Why is is firstly interrupting the episode being shown and then asking before every episode?

I'd rather shut down the whole pin access as all members of the household are over 18 but this is at a point where it makes Sky Comedy unusable to watch whats being aired at that time.

Surely someone will make it once again only when putting on the channel and not to ask while the episode is still being shown. It is unwatchable like this, and must be changed.


I see another topic about the same issued was known in January and fixed in the same month however this issue is first known to me last night. I am on the NOW application on Amazon FireTV stick, please fix this and roll an update out.

I will have to instead cast from mobile assuming that is working to Google TV stick instead or try on Xbox One S hope those are not facing the same bug.

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Legend 5

Hi @RuthRossUK 

Have a read of this tweet reply from the NOW Twitter Help Team in the screenshot below.

It shouldn't ask for Parental Pin mid episode or towards the end when watching the live Sky Comedy channel or ask for a pin after the age rated watershed.

Previously in the past, once on a certain live channel you would enter your Parental pin once and only need to insert it again if you went to another live channel that needed a Parental pin request.

This seems to now have changed during the day, where if content is for ages 15 or above before an episode or TV show begins during the live advert break you are required to insert your Parental pin number even if you haven't switched channels, where I am guessing OFCOM insisted more control of this from NOW.




Thanks for this image, seems like the issue has returned as the forum post said it was fixed late January this year.