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Re: Shameful lack of Subtitles

I’ve noticed subtitle support getting better on shows that are on Sky One or Sky Atlantic - but still no subtitles whatsoever on Fox, SyFy programmes for example. 

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Re: Shameful lack of Subtitles

There’s a bug on Subtitles, on the NowTV stick at least and maybe on other NowTV devices, where the global setting doesn’t stick, and you have to turn them on show by show.


So don’t assume because they don’t show up that they aren’t there - press the * button and see if they are there to turn on.


Once turned on, they will last for the show you are watching and any automatic follow-on episodes, but leave the show/series, and they will be gone again.


NowTV have been made aware of the issue (thanks, @schnapps)

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Re: Shameful lack of Subtitles

Gotta agree with you - Netflix are on the ball, Now Tv are stuck in the 20th Century, it's shameful. However, it seems that the new programmes are more likely to have subtitles.


I complained about 'City on a Hill' having a (S) on each episode, the 1st episode had subtitles but no others had them. Obviously a tech problem at their end and 48 hrs after my complaint [replied by email from Now Tv tech division] someone pressed the button - Hey Presto! Subtitles were there!


It proves it's worth complaining and somebody was listening. Hopefully they'll improve but we have to keep badgering them or nothing will change.  Keep up the good fight for people with hearing issues and those that just enjoy actually reading and understanding a programme because the dialogue can be impossible to understand at times without Closed Captions.

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