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Shameful lack of Subtitles


There is an absolutely shameful lack of Subtitles.


After reading that Now TV had improved their offering, I thought I'd give it a free try. I signed up for 14 day trial & cancelled the same day.


I could only find two entertainment shows with Subtitles... that is shocking out of the 200+ available. There is really no excuse not to have subtitles available for the newly released shows that clearly have them available on TX.

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Re: Shameful lack of Subtitles

Agreed, can't see why they don't provide them.


Re: Shameful lack of Subtitles


Agreed, can't see why they don't provide them.

i been trying to get subtitle on entainmentment pass. they can only suply subtitle when the owner of programs allowed it not many have subttiles becasue th ower dont allower


I suggest netflix or talktalk both have subtitle


Re: Shameful lack of Subtitles

Both Netflix & Amazon Prime (agreed it did take a while) have almost everything available with subtitles. As does BBC iPlayer & All4.


Even the shows Sky themselves produce, don't have subtitles on Now TV. They are available when watching LIVE via a dish, but not via any Now TV product.


I could only find two shows that had subtitles available... so if they can technically provide for these, there's no excuse for a better offering.

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Re: Shameful lack of Subtitles

Hi guys!



We are sorry about the inconvenience surrounding the subtitles on the entertainment pass we promise that we are working to get subtitles for the programmes, this is actively being pushed through by our teams and we appreciate your patience on this matter


Many Thanks,


Naomi K 


Re: Shameful lack of Subtitles

sep 2016.png
















Yeah guys, have a little patience, they did tell us in September 2016 it will be out by the end of the year (see above).  You people are so impatient (please note the sarcasm of my post)


Re: Shameful lack of Subtitles

It's a bit presumtuous to appreciate our patience on this subject. Personally I wont be paying for this substandard service once my free trial ends.

I can get subtitles on sockshare, ffs, let alone a £10 per month service.

I'll go to one of the other services that seem more able to provide a decent service.

Re: Shameful lack of Subtitles

Patience is wearing very thin now...  how about an update for those in society who are being discriminated against by not being able to enjoy Now TV?


Re: Shameful lack of Subtitles

I’m not being funny, but we are coming up on 10 months after you stating you were pushing through on this and I have seen no change. How long is this supposed to take before the deaf and hard of hearing can be included in your service?


Re: Shameful lack of Subtitles

This is ridiculous - NOW TV is light years behind Netflix for subtitles, it's shameful for those with hearing problems to be excluded like this. Even 'Modern Families' which is a huge programme, there are about 3 or 4 episodes where they've been missed off. It's one of the very few programmes to actually have subtitles [in the latest series] and they've neglected to add them. Where is the quality controller for this? I hope he goes deaf whoever he is! Smiley Mad

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