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why is season 3 coming up on Riviera and why is episode 2 on one of the seasons where is episode 1.

Please sort this out as customers are paying for a service, that you keep messing up

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Re: Riviera



There is no Season 3 shown, just two Season 2 entries below the Season 1 entry.


The first Season 2 entry contains Season 2 Episodes 2 and 3: marked respectively ‘Watch Now’ and ‘Available 18 Aug’.


Trying to play Ep 2 gives

‘Sorry, something went wrong.

Sorry, this programme isn’t available right now. please try again later.




and trying to play Ep 3, nothing happens.


The second Season 2 looks like the intended one, with 10 episodes, each with ‘Watch Now’ and ‘Watch until 17 Aug’.


Episodes 1 and 2 play just fine On Demand; we haven’t watched any more, as it would be a bit like eating a whole box of rich chocolate truffles in one go, but we have every reason to suppose the later ones will play just as readily.


So there is no Season 3 (yet?) and there isn’t anything actually missing, but the rogue Season 2 entry does indeed want knocking on the head.


Aug 17, Aug 18 - interesting......

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