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Profiles for multiple users

Apologies if there is a thread created for this already, not remotely used to the new forum layout and trying to find a page to post new ideas for Now TV.

Something I have always preferred Netflix over Now TV is the fact you can create up to 5 profiles for users that will be watching content via your account. Which I have found very handy when watching TV shows and films, where the continue watching or "my list" aka 'watchlist' isn't clogged up with other users shows/films, making it much easier to pick up where you left off instead of thinking, ok what have I watched?

As handy as the continue watching and watch lists sections are they are useless when family members are watching their shows and worse yet the same programs overwritting what you have watched or yet to watch. Making it sometimes impossible to remember where you were with a show or a film. 

If user profiles were added this would make viewing content on Now TV much easier espeically if more than 1 user watches content on your account. 

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Re: Profiles for multiple users

Certainly a feature that could do with introducing.


Re: Profiles for multiple users

A much needed addition.


Re: Profiles for multiple users

I think lots of people could do with this


Re: Profiles for multiple users

Yes my brother drives me crazy watching the same series as me at different times. Please introduce this. 


Re: Profiles for multiple users

Is there any chance of this being introduced? 


Re: Profiles for multiple users

Just gonna bump this way back up to the top as NowTV is still in dire need of multiple profiles! Does anyone have any update on if this is in the works?