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Poor stream

Watching the US open tennis- is anyone having severe issues with the streaming quality? Constantly freezing and skipping? Absolutely horrendous quality. Occurring on TV and tablet. Honestly shocking how poor the service is by Now tv. Fees are huge compared to the previous rights holders and absolutely terrible quality,like an archaic system .

Hopefully they will realise they're not going to get enough subscribers to recoup their investment in the rights if this is how they exploit them.

It's like they don't realise what their competition have been doing (and how little they've been charging for materially better services) for the last 15 years.


I experienced issue with the streaming tonight too , seriously not sure why the coverage of us open did not stay with Prime , much better and you could catch up with matches that already finished you could see any court and from any device. For the amount we pay for one month terrible service. 


Borrowed a Roku box off a friend today and now have Now on my Panasonic tv along with all bonus streams all of which seem to be working…other than court 17 with no sound, which may be a local issue.  Now took 10 minutes to realise id switched it off one tv and moved to another device and wouldn’t let me on, so don’t change during a tie break! Life used to be so much simpler..and there was much less swearing.



The 10-minute wait will only happen if you don’t sign off the stream on the first device properly, Exit the stream; don’t just close Now or switch the device off.

If you exit properly, a signal will be sent to Now that you are no longer using your ‘slot’, and you will be able to take it up again on another device immediately.

If you don’t, you have to wait for Now to poll your device, which it does every so often but maybe only every ten/twenty minutes, before the slot is released 😢

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
This week, I are genrally been watching epsidoes on my Sasmung TV

I have had this trouble.  I’m so appalled by the expense to watch such terrible coverage.  I love tennis and follow the tour all year.  My understanding is that Amazon will lose all coverage to Sky/NOW next year and I cannot bring myself to pay what it will cost for just following tennis. It’s terrible, and such lack of care for the customer. 


Blank screen even now waiting for the WF😡


Poor quality pic off and on a lot at the beginning of the Women's final last night. Seemed to stabilise later on.

Same thing in the lead up to the men's final now! 😱

Even swirly and weird blocky green screen several times!

We have a rock steady connection and Netflix/Amazon stream perfectly.

It really is poor service and quality of a product!

The intro and start of the matches are valid interesting content.

My guess is, Sky throttle the bandwidth they buy more as necessary to save money. Oops picture quality sensor shows rubbish feed, auto buy some more etc.

The other streaming services seem to have better management!

Doesn't stop us the customer seeing the cracks and having a poor experience!

Is football / F1 coverage etc this bad?

Do ALL Sky customers suffer this and just put up with it?

I don't watch them as totally uninterested in them!

Match knock up starting. Still poor quality!

This is the premium event - come on Now / Sky! Hopeless again!

Just had a black screen as play is about to start!

Back up now. Terrible quality of service!


Men's final 1 game, down to less than 480p. I have Boost too!


Feed broke again, black screen and swirly. Back at terrible picture quality - 240p. Staggers up to probably at 720p now.

All over the place! 



Close to the end of the second set. Mens final.

Over and over I get


Blank screen

Blocky picture.

Generic playback error failure screen


CDN error screen, it simply won't play Arthur Ashe bonus screen at all!

Back to main non bonus feed then!

Picture still blocky.

Still get weird blue holographic screen.

Missing so much of this match now, during 2nd set tiebreak!

I'm paying extra for ad free boost - can't use it at all now!