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Playback Issue On Device No Sound Fast Playback

Hi I have had an issue on one of my devices, After I received an error (Caused by opening sniping tool) When I reopened the application everything is playing at 2x speed and with no sound. This is with live tv and on demand services. Nothing I do fixes this issue. I have restarted  the app, my computer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have manually deleted the files from Roaming data. None of this has an effect.


Please can someone help me resolve this else I will have to consider cancelling my subscription as I am unable to watch the show I want. 



Anonymous User
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On PC/Laptop (Windows), this issue is solved by going to Sound Settings > Advanced Sound Settings > App volume device preferences > Reset


Personnally I get this issue because I have dual monitors and the Now TV player breaks everytime I launch it