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Now tv will not play specific movie

I use NowTV via Apple TV. I can watch almost all of the films, however, every once in a while, a certain film will not play.


For instance, I am trying to watch Lion King, which I watched on the same device 6 months ago, and every time I press play, a black screen appears and it read, “Sorry but it is not possible to play that piece of content at the moment; please choose another title to watch”


the strange thing is, I can play the same film on another device such as my phone of iPad. 

Any advice would be helpful. 

NOW Team Member
NOW Team Member



Lion King & Toy Story 4 with Apple TV is under a planning improvement with Apple, due in Oct 2020. 


The solution is to use other type of device to watch these 2 films at present.


We are sorry for the inconvenience. 


Thank you for your message.