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Nothing in Continue Watching or Playlist but when try to add says full

Hi, I want to watch football matches on skysports but the day after, or stopping at half time and resuming.  I tried clicking the Heart logo but nothing appeared on my Playlist.  I watched a half and stopped, but nothing showed up in Continue Watching.  I tried this several times.  Today I tried again and it says its full, but when I look at Continue Watching or Playlist there is nothing there, and never has been.

Any ideas? Thx.

Watching on MacBook Pro, Monterey 12.7.


That's how the “Continue Watching” would work. The Playlist is just that - a list of what I want to watch. Either would be ok for me. Neither work.


Try watching a bit of something that is On Demand, exiting, and then going back in.

Can you see it in Continue Watching?

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Hi, thanks, yes when I watch on demand and stop it shows up in the Continue Watching list.

I tried watching live cricket but stopping watching didn’t add anything to the Continue Watching.

I also tried adding the Premier League highlights to the watchlist and although the blue bar at the top of the page appears saying its added to the Watclist in MyTV, there’s nothing in the list.